Residential Roofing

Did you know that your roof is the first line of defense against heavy rain, hail, wind, and unexpected storms? Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize this until it is too late. If you are looking to replace an old or damaged roof, read on for useful advice.

At first glance, roofs might look plain and simple. However, their simplicity is what draws homeowners to them. After all, they are reliable during inclement weather without much thought or effort from the homeowner. However, contrary to popular belief, roofs are complex structures designed to withstand harsh conditions. For example, a typical home may have up to 20 pounds per square foot of pressure on its roof! With these facts in mind, it’s easy to understand why experienced and knowledgeable professionals should only handle roofs.

When you’re looking to replace your roof, it is crucial to consider the materials used in its construction.

What's The Best Type Of Roofing Suits My Home?

One of the most popular options for roof replacement in California is metal roofs. Metal roofs are typically preferred because they require little maintenance and last a long time. Additionally, they offer better protection against fire than most other types of roofs. However, don’t let their durability fool you. Metal roofs can dent and scratch just like any other material.

Also, due to their lightweight, metal roofs transmit more sound than many homeowners would prefer. If this issue with noise dampening is a serious concern for you or your family members, then you may want to consider another type of roofing material such as tile or asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles are an excellent choice for first-time homeowners on a budget. Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive to purchase, quick and easy to install, and require minimal maintenance. However, their low price may make you think that they are inferior in quality. In fact, asphalt roofs have been known to last up to 50 years!

If you’re looking for something more affordable than metal roofs but sturdier than asphalt shingles, consider tile roofing. Tile roofs offer some of the best protection against inclement weather conditions. They absorb less water than other types of roofs, which makes them very resistant to leaks. Tile roofs can be installed quickly and with minimal effort, and they do not require a lot of maintenance or upkeep. However, be wary of their susceptibility to damage from strong winds.

Our Process


Set Up Inspection

Call us and we’ll be out to your home to offer a free inspection.


Review Your Home

We provide a thorough inspection so that you can be sure of the condition of your home.


Create A Plan Of Action

We’ll provide you with details about the condition of your roof and how we’d suggest resolving the problems.


Execute the Plan

Our team will ensure that your property is as clean or cleaner than how we found it.


How To Choose The Right Roofing Company

When it comes to your home, you cannot take chances with anything. This especially includes the roof over your head! By choosing the right roofing company, you can ensure that your roof is properly maintained and protected from harsh weather conditions and last enough for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Before choosing a roofer, you should hire someone to inspect the roof and ensure no issues are present. Once they have finished their assessment, ask for a list of references from people who have hired them previously and an insurance certificate that shows that they carry liability. It is common for roofers to include the insurance cost as part of their fee. However, if they do not mention it, ask about it. Once you have received all this information and chosen a contractor, take some time to discuss what you want them to do concerning your roofing project.


If you’re in the watch of a new roof or just some repairs, it’s important to know what kind of services are available to you. Here are some frequently asked questions about commercial roofing services:

Your roof can be affected by verifying factors. These include poor construction, debris or animal blockage, incorrect design, or deterioration over time. If your home is new enough to have one still and it starts to rust, don’t worry about repairing it yet unless you want something extra.

It depends on multiple factors, including the size of the cap, whether it is new or a replacement, and if parts are needed. We recommend getting at least three estimates in writing and then going with whoever you feel most comfortable with. Here at Irvine’s Roofing, we make sure to let you understand the process from start to finish.

If you want to keep your home in good condition, a new roof is one of the most important things you can do. Consider the following when choosing a contractor and getting an estimate for a new roof installation:

  • Materials used
  • Installation timeframe
  • Inspection and cleanup
  • Insurance and warranty

For Those On A Tight Budget

If you can’t afford a new roof, there are options available that can give your home an entirely new look without having to spend thousands of dollars. One option is utilizing colorized shingles. These come in nearly every type of shade imaginable and make the appearance of your home brighter without actually changing anything about its structure.

Another option would be to utilize a roofing contractor to install faux beams and posts on the roof, which would give it an entirely new, classy appearance. If you want to enhance your home’s functionality and looks, there are metal roofs available that will last twice as long as other types of roofs and require very little upkeep.

If you want to use all of these options, then you should hire a roofing contractor who not only specializes in installing one type of roof. A good contractor for this situation will install various kinds of roofs and do other exterior work, such as replacing windows and siding. Once the contractor has completed the entire project, they should give you a warranty against any problems in the roof for a certain number of years.

Here at Irvine’s Roofing, calling us is your first step towards improving your home. We make sure that everything is properly maintained. Once we sign a contract, we will provide you with a warranty as a commitment to providing excellent workmanship.